Woman sands down wooden table with her bare hands

A woman from Treorchy has sanded down a wooden table with her bare hands.

Tina Turbotits is also planning on sanding down a set of wardrobes later this week.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“My hands are as dry as Ghandi’s arsehole. I’ve been washing them so much that they’ve turned into claws and I’m now able to sand down any piece of interior furniture to order. I’ve been asking my dickhead husband to sand my table down for years because I want to paint it a shit-coloured dab of brown. But he’s busy watching Netflix and moaning about he can’t get to work. So I took it upon myself to sand the table down myself and I now think I’ve got a new career. Later this week, I’ll be tackling a set of wardrobes and after that, I’ll be chucking my dickhead husband out on the streets. That’s my week sorted.”

Members of the public have been suffering with what’s become known as Sandpaper Hands since the start of the pandemic.

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