Woman reluctantly agrees to husband’s request to turn the heating off

A woman from New Tredegar has reluctantly agreed to her husband’s request to turn the heating off.

Brenda Largecalves, who ‘feels the cold’ has had her heating on since 1974.

Husband Dennis told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t bear it anymore. She’s had the heading on since before the kids were born. She says that she feels the cold and that it’s a medical need. I’ve been walking around my house for the last few days with nothing but a pair of grundies on. It’s so hot I want to take my skin off. Temperatures in our bedroom last night were so high that the wallpaper fell off the walls and she was still saying that she was cold. It was only when she said that she was ‘comfortable’ with the heat that she agreed to turn the heating off. I don’t know what’s wrong with the woman. She’s not right.”

Brenda said:

“Ooo, I feels the cold terrible I does. I’ve been sat here all week under my electric blanket. I reached a level last night where I was ok so I gave Dennis my permission to turn the heating off to save us a few pounds.”

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