Woman puts heating on

A woman from Bridgend has put her heating on for the first time this summer.

Ethel Freezynips put her heating on after temperatures dipped under 30° for the first time in months.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I woke up this morning freezing my fat arse off. I was considering putting my electric blanket on but then I remembered that I don’t have one. I had to go and put the heating on instead. My boiler didn’t know what the frig was going on. It moaned a bit and struggled for a while. I’ve also brought my duvet down from upstairs and I’m now sat on my settee trying to warm up.”

Rain and wind brought an end to the current heatwave in Wales but temperatures are expected to rise once again next week.

“I’ll see how it goes,” said Ethel. “For now, the heating is staying on.”

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