Woman posts Christmas image on social media with the caption ‘And So It Begins’

A woman has posted a festive image on social media, and captioned it with the words ‘And So It Begins’.

The woman traditionally captions photos of things that she’s starting with the popular phrase, including meals, events and men she’s about to bed.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“Whenever there’s something going on in my house, I always take a photo of it and caption it with the words ‘And So It Begins’. I do it for every meal that I’m eating as well as other things like shopping or cleaning my house. I also like to post photos with the caption of any men that I’m wanting to nail too. At first, most of my friends liked my photos with the phrase but it all seems to be tapering off now. I think I need to post more photos to try and get some more reaction.”

The woman’s husband said that she uses the phrase commonly as she goes about her daily business.

“She says it as she’s putting tea in the over or making the bed. She’s an odd one to be honest.”

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