Woman posts 5000th video of home workout

A woman from Carmarthen has posted her 5000th video of her working out from home.

Amelia Tightbuns reached the milestone last night when she posted a video of her doing roly-polies in her living room.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I know that I’m doing my part for this country by continuously posting videos of my workouts from home. I bought a new leotard and some new daps just before we went into lockdown which was very fortunate as I’m now able to film every exercise I do and post it to inspire all my followers. I can’t quite believe I’m managed to do 5,000 workouts in just three short weeks but I’ll keep doing them as long as people want them.”

Amelia’s friend, Arnie Thundercrack said:

“She’s up to 5,000 is she? Christ, I unfollowed her after her third video. Why would you film yourself doing that shit? I’m now happily looking at videos of cute kittens and puppies instead.”

Amelia says she’s hoping to launch a keep-fit DVD later in the year.


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