Woman plans new kitchen while having sex with husband

A woman from Bangor has completely planned her new kitchen while having sex with her husband.

Betti Wideflange even chose her new worktops and doorknobs while husband Terry went at it like a dog with two dicks.

Betti told WalesOnCraic:

“It was nice to get some me time while Terry was having a go. It gave me time to figure out my new kitchen from top to bottom. I’ve decided to go with neutral colours but with dark worktops because Terry’s always spilling butter and jam and I don’t want those stains showing up. While Terry was banging away, I figured out that I could get away with having a breakfast bar. I’ve always wanted one of those. I’ll pop to Homebase today and see what they say. I’ve seen some nice doorknobs that would go well with the ones I’ve got in my downstairs bathroom. Continuity is important I think – I read about origami in a Bella magazine once and I think I’m a bit of an expert now. And I’d like the ceiling all Artxed.”

Husband Terry said:

“Wow. That was great. I feel like such a stud. I love my wife and she loved that!”

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