Woman names baby ‘Doorway of Tiger Tiger’ after place where it was conceived

A Cardiff woman has named her newborn baby ‘Doorway of Tiger Tiger’ after the place where it was conceived.

Donna Slackflaps gave birth to the baby girl yesterday at the University Hospital of Wales.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I loved the way that Victoria and David [Beckham] named their kids after where they shagged. I’d been out all night when I met this fella who looked pretty minging when I first met him but after 20 Tequilas, he looked alright. He wanted to take me home and roger me senseless but it was already 5am and I was in need of a kebab. We snuck into the doorway, he got his end away while I was eating my kebab and that was that. Nine months later and I’ve got a little one. I’m hoping to track the dad down on CCTV so I can get some money off him. The last thing I need now is to have to pay for stuff.”

A spokesman for the hospital told WalesOnCraic:

“We did admit a woman into our maternity ward last night but we cannot comment on individual cases.”

Donna is currently resting at home with her other children – Round the Back Of Kwik Save and her other daughter Somewhere in Grangetown.

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