Woman who made Top 40 mix tape in 1983 arrested on piracy charges

A woman who made a Top 40 mix tape in 1983 has been arrested on piracy charges.

Eileen DryCrotch recorded the tape from Radio 1 on her big brother’s ghetto blaster.

Eileen told WalesOnCraic:

“I remember making the tape because I was being so careful to make sure that I cut out the DJ. He’d often cut in just before the song finished so I had to have my finger poised over the pause button. Anyways, I was sat down watching Judge Rinder yesterday when there was a knock at my door. The next thing I knew, armed police burst through my door and pinned me to the floor. They then ransacked my house looking for the tape. I’m not sure if they had found it because the last time I saw it was back in 1983.”

Eileen thinks that police were given the top off about the tape by her brother Timmy, who was pissed off that he’d taped over his own Top 40 mix tape.

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