Woman looking forward to clocks going back so her car clock tells the right time

A woman from Aberdare has told WalesOnCraic that she’s looking forward to the clocks going back in October so that her car clock will tell the correct time.

Julie ‘Julie’ TrebleGunt’s hasn’t been able to figure out how to put her clock one hour forward since late March.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“Every time I get into my friggin car, my mind is blown by my clock. I can’t remember whether it’s an hour fast or an hour slow and every time I want to find out what the time is, I have to pull over and ask some stranger. I can’t wait until the clocks go back in October because then I’ll know that my clock is telling me the right time. Only yesterday, I turned up for work an hour early because I couldn’t figure out what time it was. Last week, I turned up an hour late and my boss is getting shitty with me now. I blame the Government and their shitty summer daylight saving shit. Why can’t we just stick with one time and have done with it?”

Julie’s husband Norris said:

“She’s dull as shit mate. Wouldn’t even bother writing a story about her if I were you.”

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