Woman hospitalised with Holiday Envy

A woman from Bargoed has been admitted to hospital after suffering a severe case of Holiday Envy.

Ethel Skintarse was taken to hospital after scrolling through her social media accounts and seeing every other bastard enjoying their holibobs.

Husband Timmy Skintarse told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been a tough year this year. We were hoping to go away in August but everyone just kept asking for money off us. This meant that I’ve now got naff all left to pay for a holiday. We were watching A Place In The Sun last night, which is a show where poor people like us watch people with money buying their dream holiday villas, when Ethel came over all funny.

“I looked over at her on the sofa and she was flicking through her phone. It all became too much and she eventually fainted. I could see on her phone that she’d been looking at pictures of her friends on holibobs. I think it was too much for her so I phoned for an ambulance.”

Ethel has since been discharged from hospital for wasting their time, and is recovering at home with some piña colada from Tescos.

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