Woman grateful that her slippers still fit after festive gorging

A Welsh woman has told of her relief that her slippers still fit after the gorging season of Christmas.

Christine FiveBellies put on 3 stone eating chocolate, cheese and drinking copious amounts of wine. She has gone up 4 dress sizes, yet thankfully, her slippers still fit.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve had no end of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. If you were to bang me on the kitchen worktop, I’d fall into segments. I have to sleep naked now because my pyjamas don’t fit me and my gunt has acquired a record-breaking droppage this year. I blame my husband. He bought me loads of rubbish to eat and I’m having to eat it all before the New Year so I can start my diet without wasting any of the food we have in the house. If it wasn’t for my slippers still fitting, I think I’d be down in the dumps that I’d put on so much weight.”

Her husband Tony said:

“I’d bang her on the kitchen worktop any day. I don’t care how big she gets – the bigger she gets, the bigger the cleavage. That’ll keep me happy.”

Christine starts her diet tomorrow and then again on Monday.

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