Woman grants husband permission to turn the heating off

A woman from Cardiff has granted permission to turn the heating off.

Glenda Thunderkegs has had the heating on since August last year when the temperature dropped under 30°C.

Husband Terry told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been sweating my bollocks off like no one’s business. I just don’t understand my wife. We’ve had this heatwave now for a good few weeks and she’s still moaning that she’s cold. As well as having the heating on, she’s been wearing three cardys, one on top of the other. It was only last night when she felt ‘just about right’ that she gave me permission to turn the heating off. I was at the switch in a flash and things feel a bit better this morning.”

Glenda said:

“He’s always moaning about how hot the house is but I feels the cold see? I feels it in my bones. It’s not my fault. My mum’s the same. I blame her for a lot of things. Every time I sneeze, I fart, and I gets that from my mother too.”

Glenda is hoping to put heating back on next week when the heatwave cools off a little.

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