Woman gets shit-faced for fourth night in a row

A woman from Cardiff is spending her fourth night getting shit-faced as the lockdown continues.

Erica TidyArse said that it probably won’t stop at a fourth night unless the weather changes.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been sinking anything I can get my hands on. Beer, wine, Toilet Duck. I just can’t stop myself. I’ve turned into an alky overnight. This is the fourth night I’m getting shit-faced and unless it starts raining, I’m going to keep on getting shit-faced. Getting shit-faced is just so much fun at the moment but the more I drink, the more I have to drink to get shit-faced. I’m finding that I’m emptying my local shop of alcohol every day and once that’s gone, I’m turning to bathroom cleaning products to keep me going. I’m enjoying sitting in my garden, getting my bits out and getting shit-faced. I could quite happily do this every day.”

Erica added that she now starts drinking at 11am, compared to her usual time of 1pm.

“Starting early gives a good run-up to the evening, see?”

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