Woman ‘gets man in’ to put up shelves that husband should have put up in 2003

A North Wales woman has had to ‘get a man in’ to put up the shelves that her husband should have put up thirteen years ago.

Sandra TripleGunt bought her shelves from Homebase in 2003. Despite weekly reminders to her husband, they’ve been sat in the garage since then. She told WalesOnCraic:

“I bought them back when we had our first baby. He’s now a lanky twat with a big swinging pair of hairy bollocks. I told my husband Gordon if he could put them up to go in the nursery. I’ve asked him every week for thirteen years. They’re still in the garage. I had no choice but to phone a man and ask him to come around and put them. I don’t even like them any more – I think I might even ask the man to come back and take them down. He was a bit of a dish. I’m just trying to think of anything else he can do around the house.”

Husband Gordon said that he would have put the shelves up but he’s been really busy doing ‘stuff’.

He said:

“She asked me years ago to put them up. I don’t need to be reminded every few days.”

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