Woman ‘Forgot She Was Watching A Recorded Show’ And Sits Through All The Adverts

A Prestatyn woman has forgotten that she was watching a recorded episode of The Chase and sat through ALL the adverts.

Dimwit shop assistant Alison Dense, recorded The Chase on Tuesday night as she had to pop to Kwik Save for some milk and fags. She sat down to watch the recorded show last night.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I feel such a fool. I sat through the entire show, INCLUDING the adverts. And it was only after the show when my telly asked me if I wanted to keep my recording that I realised my error. I was mortified. Luckily, my husband was out down the pub getting off his tits. I could have saved myself at least ten minutes of my day by fast forwarding the adverts. I think I’ve learnt my lesson for next time. I’ve still got Britain’s Got Talent and an episode of Emmerdale to catch up on yet. I’ll be fast-forwarded them buggers.”

It isn’t the first time Alison has let herself down. Four weeks ago, she put her plastic Tesco ‘Bag for Life’ in the bin and bought a new one when she could have popped into her local store and swapped it for a free one.

“My life’s all over the place lately and I haven’t been thinking straight.” said Alison.

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