Woman finds scarf that fits her after 10 years

A woman from Caerphilly has found a scarf that she used to own 10 years ago – and it still fits her!

Sandra Hairyhedge found the scarf along with jeans and t-shirts that were 3 sizes too small for her.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d been going through my cupboard sorting out some shit when I came across a load of old clothes. I tried on some of my old jeans but I couldn’t even get them past my knees. Then I tried on some of my old T-shirts but I couldn’t even get them over my head. I was about to cry when I found my old scarf. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I called my husband in to have a look but he just looked at me stupid and walked back out again. But to me, knowing that I can wear something I used to wear ten years ago has really made my day. I’m chucking the rest of my shit out but I’m deffo keeping this!”

Sandra is hoping to wear the scarf on a works night out next week.

“Everyone will be like ‘Oh my God! I remember you in that scarf – and it still fits!'” said Sandra.

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