Woman files for divorce after husband opens new loaf of bread without finishing the previous one

A woman from Treherbert has filed for divorce after her husband opened a loaf of bread before finishing the previous one.

Emma Wondergunt claims that her husband had no reason to open a new loaf as their previous loaf still had six perfectly good slices in it.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“The man’s a disgrace. Every day he’s up that bloody shop buying more bread and when he comes back, he’ll open the new loaf he’s just gone and bought. Why not finish the loaf he already had? I’ve spoken to him about this every day since we first moved in together. I warned him. I said ‘You carry on doing this and I’ll divorce you’. But did he listen? No. The daft twat just kept opening a new loaf every time he bought them. We’ve got unfinished loaves in our bread tin that are three months old. I’m filing for divorce on the grounds that the man is a twat.”

Husband Benny said:

“She can stick the divorce up her arse. She’s always leaving her dirty knickers in the bathroom so she’s not the only one with a grudge to bear.”

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