Woman decides to get shit-faced because it’s Wednesday


A woman from Tredegar has decided to get shit-faced to celebrate the fact that it’s Wednesday.

Sheila Turbotits has been downing a bottle of blackcurrant gin since 5pm.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“Isss frickng Webnesday and if I wants to get pished, I shall gets pished. I’ve had a few gins already and I haven’t even watched Emmerdale yet. Do you remember when it was called Emmerdale Farm? There was that guy on there. What was his name? The one with the hat? Seth? Was it Seth Armstrong? Or am I thinking of someone else? Anyway. What was I talking about? I don’t think I’ll have tea tonight. I had a big lunch and I’m not particularly hungry. Have you tried those new Walkerss cripss? They’re lush. Spider flavour I think.”

Sheila told WalesOnCraic that she expects to go to bed late tonight.

“I’ll probably go to bed late tonight,” she said.

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