Woman buys 300 loaves of bread and 400 pints of milk ahead of Royal Funeral

A woman from Treorchy has stocked up on bread and milk ahead of the Queen’s funeral.

Betty Turbotits bought stocked up with bread and milk in case she ran out while the shops were shut.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“If there’s one thing I fear in life, that’s running out of bread and milk. I sent my husband Dennis down the shop this morning to get a newspaper and when he came back, he said it was bedlam down there. That got me worried so I jumped in my Austin Allegro and drove around all the supermarkets buying all the bread and milk I could find. I had a few funny looks but I won’t be the one running out of bread and milk tomorrow, will I? I also bought some eggs because Dennis likes those on his toast in the morning, plus some tissues in case it all gets a bit sad tomorrow.”

Supermarkets reported a 2,000% rise in bread and milk sales as shops announced their closures for one day on Monday.

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