Woman books imaginary holiday on Ceefax

A woman from Gorseinon has booked an imaginary holiday on Ceefax.

Sarah Heavyguts booked the holiday in her mind while daydreaming at work.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve only been back at work for one day and already I’m booking a holiday in my head. I’d just taken a call that I couldn’t be arsed to answer when my mind just drifted away to sunny beaches and cocktails. For a few minutes, I was there in front of my telly, flicking through my Ceefax channels, looking for the latest deal for Torremolinos. In my mind, I booked two weeks, all inclusive and was jetting out on Friday. Hopefully, I’ll meet some Spanish waiter who’ll give me a good seeing to and that’ll make 2017 just fine by me.”

Husband Martin said:

“She’s a fecking loopcake.”

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