Woman avoids talking about snow for 20 minutes

A woman from Cardiff has managed to not mention the word ‘snow’ in a sentence for 20 minutes.

Ethel Turbotits spoke at length about Celebrity Big Brother instead, completely forgetting to mention anything about the snow.

Friend Tania Slackflaps said:

“We’re all talking about the snow. I’ve got no idea how she managed to go a full 20 minutes without mentioning it. I think she got totally carried away talking about a different topic. I knew it was 20 minutes because we only get a 15 minute break in work and she’d started talking about it 5 minutes before we went for a snack.”

Snow has been falling all over the place in Wales, getting on older people’s tits but bringing a smile to the face of those with no responsibilities.

The forecast is set to be shit all week.

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