Wine can now be delivered by drone

A woman from Hengoed has become the first person to set up a wine-by-drone delivery service.

Betty Bumflaps came up with the idea when she ran out of wine while watching The Voice.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d been watching this shit for about an hour and I’d been drinking my wine to numb the pain. Unfortunately, the show was that bad that I’d drunk two bottles without realising. I’m a single mum so I couldn’t head out and buy a bottle. Sat taking a dump an hour later, the idea came to me that I could open my own wine-by-drone delivery service. The following morning, I went out and bought one and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been inundated with orders because most of the middle-aged women around here are proper winos. It’s taken off (pun intended) so well that I’m looking to buy my second drone next week.”

One happy customer said:

“I like getting shit-faced on a Friday night and it’s always embarrassing buying three bottles of JP Chenet from the man in the corner shop. This way I can order as many bottles as I want and no one will ever know.”

You can order your wine from

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