Wife plants cornflakes around home to test quality of husband’s hoovering

A woman from Rhigos has told WalesOnCraic that she deliberately places cornflakes around her house to test the quality of her husband’s hoovering.

While Jenny Widegirth looks after the dusting, it’s up to husband Kevin to do the hoovering at home.

Jenny told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been starting to get very suspicious about my husband’s hoovering lately. He’s been telling me that he’s been doing it while I’m at work but looking at my floors, I think he does a very minimalist job. I suspect also that he simply just gets the hoover out to make it look like he’s been hoovering while I’ve been out. To counter this, I’ve started planting cornflakes at strategic places around the house – in corners, under the settees and around the dog’s bowl. I’m looking to see if Kevin is doing a thorough job and if not, I will need to speak to him and address it face to face. When I do my dusting, I make sure I do it properly and I won’t have him doing a half-hearted job while I’m doing things properly.”

Husband Kevin said:

“I found out about my wife’s cornflake plans as she’d written them down. I simply go around hoovering up the cornflakes now so it looks like I’ve done a thorough job.”

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