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White House calls on Superman to take out North Korea missile threat

The White House has issued a formal request to Superman to tackle the growing North Korea missile threat.

Superman famously saved Hackensack, New Jersey from nuclear destruction back in 1978 after criminal genius Lex Luthor directed a missile there.

A spokesman for the White House said:

“Our beloved, Supreme Leader, the most glorious of men, Mr Donald J Trump, has formally requested the help of Superman to deal with this latest missile threat. As we sadly do not have Christopher Reeve to help us this time, we will need to rely on whoever’s playing Superman these days. We are sure that whoever he is, he will do a great job and make our country great again. If he can’t do it, we’ve always got Batman but he’s always struggling with his mental health issues. We’d also like to point out at this stage that our Great Leader’s Presidential Inauguration back in January was attended by 50 billion people – we’ve had the official stats through and the inauguration was by far, the biggest that there’s ever been in the world. Ever.”

A spokesman for Superman said:

“Soops has been rather busy lately but we can confirm that we have had a formal request from the White House to save the world from nuclear armageddon. We’ll be checking our diary and letting the White House know in the next few days as to whether we can help.”

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