Welsh women raise a glass to the end of leg-shaving season


Women across Wales will be raising a bottle of White Lightning this weekend as the autumn weather marks the end of leg shaving season.

Hairy women all over Wales have been hacking at their legs since April to avoid looking like Teenwolf. The cooler weather now means that only their partners have to put up with their hirsute ham hocks.

Husband Benny Bigballs told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve enjoyed the summer months, mainly because the missis has taken the time to trim her pins. I tend not to look forward to the autumn months because once the sun’s gone, she couldn’t give a shit. When we go to bed, we suffer from the Velcro effect where our legs stick to each other and the bed. It’d be nice if she took care of herself all year round to be honest, but there you go – you can’t win them all.”

Shop assistant Ethel Bigbush said:

“Hallelujah! I can now pack the Philishave away, except when I need to mow my lady garden for Christmas.”