Welsh unemployment rockets after armchair rugby coaches decide to quit

Unemployment in Wales has rocketed overnight with the resignation of thousands of Welsh armchair rugby coaches.

It follows the Welsh team’s loss to South Africa last night, which saw them head home from the Rugby World Cup.

Former armchair coach Stevie Wondergunt told WalesOnCraic:

“Obviously, all credit to the lads, they gave it 100% and obviously, we’ll take the positives from this game and obviously take it from there and all credit to the lads. I told them before the game to just go out there and enjoy themselves so they did until they lost and then they weren’t so happy. I was unhappy with a few of the players’ performances and if I can, I’ll be playing in their positions come the Six Nations.”

Unemployment Minister Jimmy Poshpants said:

“It’s unfortunate that so many armchair coaches decided to pack it all in at the same time. It makes our employment figures look shit so I’ll be having a fiddle round with them so that they don’t look so bad.”

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