Welsh TV company wins rights to produce The Great British Fuck Off

A Welsh TV company has fought off fierce competition to win the rights to produce The Great British Fuck Off.

The show, in which contestants aim to out-insult each other, will be produced by Dai Hard Productions of Kidwelly.

Company director Dai BigEye told WalesOnCraic:

“I can’t wait to get stuck in. We produced a pilot show and the insulting got a bit out of hand. It was like being down the Sir Samuel Romilly in Barry on a Friday night. Bodies were flying left, right and centre before we had to call the boys in to sort it all out.”

Contestants insult each other in turn until one of them buckles and tells the other one to ‘fuck off’.

“We’ve made it properly British. We serve tea and talk about the weather and shit. I’m happy because it means I can pay off my bitch ex-wife and get shacked up with my new missis with the money,” said BigEye.

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