Welsh TV Company To Film People Watching People Watching Telly On Gogglebox

A Welsh TV company is hoping to cash in on the success of TV’s Gogglebox by filming people watching people watching TV on Gogglebox.

Sheeplove Productions are hoping to start filming next week but are waiting on funding.

Director Timmy FourEyes told WalesOnCraic:

“Well we were really struggling to come up with any new ideas. We’d seen how well Gogglebox went down and we were really kicking ourselves because if we’d been clever enough, we could have come up with that idea. But we didn’t. But I was lying in bed the other night and the idea suddenly came to me that no one films people watching people watching Gogglebox. It’s the same with Coronation Street and Eastenders – they say that it reflects real life but you never see any of them on there watching soap operas do you?”

Ten Welsh households have been chosen to have cameras put in their living rooms, including a Welsh lesbian couple, a Welsh farmer and his sheep and a bunch of pissheads from the local pub.

“I can’t wait to be filmed watching Gogglebox on TV, which is a show about people watching stuff on TV.” said Glynne, one of the chosen subjects. “I’ll just need to remember that I’m being filmed and not get my ballsack out on my lap to scratch like I sometimes do.” he said.

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