Welsh trains to get ‘Thomas faces’ as part of £30 billion investment

Welsh trains are to get facelifts in the form of Thomas the Tank Engine over the next 5 years.

It comes as part of a new investment package that will also see The Flying Scotsman running the Barry Island to Aberdare route.

A spokesman for the Welsh Assembly told WalesOnCraic:

“We’d getting loads of money from the EU before we say goodbye so we thought we’d invest it in our railways which have been very much neglected these last 100 years. The money will be well spent as we cascade Thomas faces down from the top of the fleet to the bottom. We are also reintroducing steam onto the network and those people travelling from Barry Island to Aberdare will recognise the Flying Scotsman when they get on board. Passengers will be delighted to see a happy face coming around the bend after they’ve been waiting several hours for a train to arrive. Fat Controllers will also be installed on all stations to make sure that our services run like clockwork.”

Commuters said that they’d rather see the money spent elsewhere. Barry Gubbins said:

“To be honest butt, I’d rather they spent that money on bringing back Blockbuster Video. I loved going there, choosing my movie and going home with an arm full of sweets and fizzy pop.”




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