Welsh Terrorist Blows Teeth Out After Mistaking Grenade For Jacket Potato

A South Wales terrorist has blown his teeth out after mistaking one of his grenades for a jacket potato.

ISIS wannabe Terry Tightpants sat down to tuck into his potato while watching Coronation Street last night. Unfortunately for Terry, he served up a grenade instead of his potato, which exploded during the commercial break.

Tightpants told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d been looking forward to it all day as I missed lunch learning how to be a terrorist. I put it in the oven for 40 minutes. I’m not sure where the mishap occurred but I did think that I’d overcooked it a little when I sat down to see what Liz was going to say to Tony. I bit into it and BOOM – I saw my lovely white teeth fly across the room and land on the mantelpiece. It’s a shame because I missed the second half of Corrie but it’s ok because I had it on Series Record.”

Terry’s wife Tina put Terry’s teeth in a jar and took them to her local chemist to get them fixed. They told her that she’d gone to the wrong place.

Terry is now recovering at home and is eating lots of warm soup through a straw.

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