Welsh street defence group Wales First testing helicopters ahead of invasion of England

Welsh Nationalist Street Defence group Wales First have been testing out their new weaponry in advance of an invasion of nearby England.

Many helicopters, including Apaches and Merlins have been spotted in the skies above South Wales for the last two days. Wales First have admitted that they are preparing to ‘take England’.

Wales First leader Siân ap Iolo, commonly known as Genghis Siân, told WalesOnCraic:

“I can’t believe that someone within our circles has leaked this information. The element of surprise has now gone but now that it’s out in the open, yes – we are preparing to invade England. We bought some helicopters from a fella down the pub and we’ve been doing some training exercises this weekend across southern parts of Wales. We’ll be invading England after Coronation Street on Monday – that’s the second episode because I want to find out what David is going to do about Gail now that he knows that Gavin isn’t really Gavin, but just a fella called Andy who pretended he was Gavin.”

Wales First is a nationalist street defence group that campaigns that everything non-Welsh should be sent back home. Things like Yorkshire puddings and English mustard. That sort of thing. You can find them at

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