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Welsh Shoppers Tell English Shoppers To ‘Man The Fuck Up’ Over Plastic Bag Charge

Welsh shoppers have been telling their English counterparts to ‘man the fuck up’ over their new plastic bag charge.

Welsh shoppers, who have been forgetting to take their plastic bags to the supermarkets since 2011, have been chuckling to themselves at English shoppers kicking off.

Shopper Darren Wetcleft from Aberdare told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got a few English friends who’ve been going mental about having to pay for a plastic bag. We’ve been putting up with this shit for years – I just wish they’d man the fuck up. I’ve seen people taking home trolleys and baskets just to avoid paying 5p. What a bunch of tight-arses.”

English shopper Jenny WideThighs said:

“I couldn’t believe it when the counter assistant asked if I wanted to ‘buy’ a plastic bag. I was so offended that I punched her in the tits and ran off. I won’t be going back there again for a while.”

Another shopper said:

“I would take plastic bags to the shops but I’ve got nothing to carry them in.”

The new levy in England means also means that some criminal gangs will no longer be able to cross the border into England and return with van loads of free, contraband plastic bags.

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