Welsh rugby players upset at falsely advertised Turkish ‘all inclusive’

A number of senior Welsh rugby players have vented their frustration at the way they have been duped into going on what they claim they thought was an ‘all-inclusive’ trip to Turkey with the boys.

One told WalesOnCraic in a telephone interview from his hotel room:

“To be honest, I didn’t know Gats was even gonna be there. I was rooming with George and he’s done my head in. All he wanted to do was go to the gym and phone his missus!”

He went on to say:

“Genuine like, I thought we was all going away on the piss. We was told all the food and drink was gonna be free – they didn’t bloody say it was chicken and pasta topped off with a glass of isotonic squash. I could murder a bloody pint of Brains!”

Another player went on to say that he had packed his best flowery shirt and was prepared to be ‘Dick of the Day’ if he lost all the drinking games.

“Alan Phillips told me to pack appropriately, so I did – well at least I thought I did. When he told me two sessions a day, I thought he meant one up until about 3pm, quick power hour in my, shit, shower and shave then back on the lash. Not a bloody gym session followed by a contact session on the field in the afternoon. I feel let down to be honest with you and I’ll be contacting ABTA when I get home.”

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