Welsh reality TV show to replace Eastenders

WalesOnCraic can exclusively reveal that following its announcement to scrap the contract to broadcast F1 to save £35m a year, the Beeb is set to announce it will scrap Eastenders as it finds the remaining £150m worth of savings.

A WalesOnCraic insider, working inside the BBC, says that Eastenders will be scrapped and its replacement on real life TV will revert to putting webcams into houses along a Welsh street.

WalesOnCraic TV critic Dai Farquhar Smith-Morgan said:

“People are getting fed up of Londoners shouting at each other all the time. Shagging each other. Murdering each other. And drinking all the time in the Queen Vic, yet money never seems to be a problem.”

WalesOnCraic can reveal that the draft programme title of the new programme will be “Life on Our Street”. The plans are to find a street in Aberaeron and the viewer can then decide which house they want to watch. It’s about giving viewers more choice. Something that Eastenders and all other soaps fail to offer. It’s basically, take it or leave it.

So when you watch “Life on our Street”, you might decide you want to watch Mrs Jones doing her ironing, whilst watching TV and occasionally popping to the loo, or make a cup of tea or speak to her sister on the phone. Or you might want to watch the Morgan family as they watch TV for the night. Or there’s Susan Llewelyn at number 17 getting frisky with her boyfriend on the settee. The scope is endless what you might watch.

WalesOnCraic reporter, Barry Bellend said:

“Eastenders doesn’t reflect real life, whereas the aim of Life on Our Street is to save £150m a year as big stars like Ian Beale are made redundant and it makes stars of Mr & Mrs Thomas as they go to collect their pension on Monday morning. That is what real life on any street is like, NOT how they portray it on Eastenders with a couple of murders every year, Phil Mitchell shagging everyone on the street and drinks on the house in the Queen Vic.”

“Life on any street is boring, really,” said Barry. “Its people going to work, school, watching TV. Eastenders glamourises life and it’s lost the plot.”

Eastenders will end in Spring 2016. Viewers over the next 3 months can expect to see 3 murders and Ian Beale get married and divorced, twice.

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