Welsh police to get new helicopter to counteract Russian invasion

The Welsh Assembly have signed off on a new helicopter for the Welsh police to counter any invasion by Russia.

The new helicopter will have flashing lights, a very loud megaphone and a hole in the window for police to shoot their BB guns out of.

A spokesman for the Welsh government told WalesOnCraic:

“In times when we have a raised threat of invasion from the Russians, we have to be seen to be moving with the times and protecting our territory. We signed off last night on a new police helicopter that can stand up to any threat from any country. It has flashing lights that will scare any war-mongering invaders away and if that doesn’t work, we’ve got a very loud megaphone that we can shout ‘Go away’ through. If all else fails, there’s a hatch in the window where our boys can shoot down Russian bombers with their BB guns. If that doesn’t work, the new helicopter can go very fast and will be able to chase nuclear missiles like Superman did in that film, Superman.”

One police officer said:

“Can’t wait to give it a test ride. We’ll take on the Reds whatever they throw at us. Bagsies I drive.”

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