Welsh Police Given New Powers To Beat The Shit Out of Motorists Who Toot Their Horns To People They’ve Just Said Goodbye To

Welsh Police are to be given new powers to beat the shit out of motorists who toot their horn when they drive away from someone they’ve just said goodbye to.

Police say that the habit of tooting after saying goodbye to someone is mostly used during the earlier hours of the day when some people are trying to get five more minutes kip before they have to get up for work.

Head of Wales Police, PC Plod told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got a neighbour who drops her kids off at my next door neighbour’s house at sparrow’s fart every morning. She bellows the words ‘Goodbye’ from her car, waking up most of the street, and then as she drives off, she toots the horn of her car to make sure that everyone in the street knows that she’s off to work. I’m looking forward to pulling her over when I’m on an early shift and giving her the once over.”

But critics of the new powers say that it’s infringing on their civil liberties. Elizabeth Fatarse said:

“I like to toot my horn as I pull away from someone I’ve just said ‘goodbye’ to. It’s just letting them know that I’m saying goodbye again and I don’t care if I wake the entire street up – if that’s something I want to do, that’s my civil liberty.”

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