Welsh people thank their mothers for making them Welsh

People all over Wales have been thanking their mothers for making them Welsh today.

Millions of pounds has been spent on cards, flowers and chocolates as way of thanks.

One daughter told WalesOnCraic:

“My mam gave me the greatest gift that any mother could give their little on – and that was a Welsh nationality after squeezing me out in a bath in Swansea. She’d been in Swindon the day before and that really wouldn’t have looked good on my birth certificate. To thank her, I’ve bought her a shitload of chocolates and flowers and tonight I’m taking her down the local curry house where she can eat anything off the menu.”

One mum said:

“I’ve tried to give my children the best possible start in life by giving birth to them in Wales. The fact that they’ve turned out to be a bunch of lazy tossers was nothing to do with me – you can blame their father for that.”


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