Welsh nationalists write to Donald Trump to help build a wall between Wales and England

Welsh nationalist street defence group Wales First have written to Donald Trump to ask for help in building a wall between England and Wales.

The group, famous for going into local Kwik Save stores and buying up all the English Cheddar so no one else can buy it, wrote to Mr Trump last week.

Wales First leader Sian ap Iolo, commonly known as Genghis Siân, told WalesOnCraic:

“It seems like in this crazy world of ours, Donald Trump is the only man speaking sense. He can clearly see what is happening over there and that’s exactly the same thing that’s happening here in Wales. We want to build a wall between Wales and England, not only to keep the English out but to keep the Welsh in. We don’t want any of our countrymen thinking that they can go and get themselves a better life outside of our country. Our lads will patrol the wall 8 hours a day and if anyone tries to cross it when we are on duty, they’d better watch out because we’ve got some very pointy sticks. The Mexicans can pay for the wall seeing as they’ll be paying for one anyway.”

Donald Trump and his hair are currently leading the race for a Republican presidential candidate.

You can read more from Wales First here

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