Welsh nationalists demand separate weather from rest of UK

A Welsh nationalist group has called on the Assembly to devolve weather from the rest of the UK.

Street defence force Wales First said that Wales currently gets a rough deal compared to the rest of the UK.

Spokesman Gwilym ap Gwilym told WalesOnCraic:

“We always seem to get the rough side of the deal. While places like Bournemouth and Eastbourne bask in near-continental climes, we have to put up with pissy rain and unhappy sheep. We call on whoever is Prime Minister these days to devolve us our own weather so that we can make our own mind up about what weather we want. We’d book in sunny days for the kids’ school holidays and we could even give ourselves a White Christmas if we wanted to. As long as we are chained to Westminster, we’ll be the ones putting up with the weather that no-one wants.”

A spokeswoman for the UK Government said:

“We’d love to give the Welsh Assembly their own weather but unfortunately, they haven’t proved yet that they can look after their own councils, never mind the weather.”

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