Welsh nationalist group seek court injunction to halt influx of foreign ladybirds

Welsh nationalist and street defence group Wales First has applied for a court injunction to halt the influx of foreign ladybirds.

They claim that the insects are coming over here illegally, eating all our cabbages and ‘mingling’ with our own native ladybirds.

Wales First leader ‘Genghis’ Sian ap Iolo told WalesOnCraic:

“This Welsh Assembly has once again let us down badly. Our country is seeing the biggest influx of foreign ladybirds the world has ever seen. Why aren’t there patrols on our borders? Why do they continue to let them in? They allow people to grow their own vegetables in their gardens and allotments – that’s just giving the green flag to this foreign scum. They are already sleeping around with our own ladybirds – what sort of signal does that give to our kids? They’re disgusting. The Welsh Assembly has to do something. We’ve already applied for a court injunction to stop them coming in. If they won’t do anything about it, we will.”

The group hope that the ban on foreign ladybirds will help lead to Welsh jobs.

“If they stop coming here, we can give Welsh jobs to Welsh ladybirds which is how it should be.”

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