Welsh nationalist group calls for ban on Yorkshire puddings


Welsh street defence force Wales First has called on the Welsh Government to ban Yorkshire puddings in Wales.

The group said that the puddings’ foreign influence is disrupting Welsh purity and perverting the minds of impressionable youngsters.

Wales First spokesperson Gwilym ap Gwilym told WalesOnCraic:

“We have had enough of foreign influences having a derogatory on our nation’s youth. I remember going to a Toby Carvery once and there was this kid who had a Yorkshire pudding the size of his head. He ate it and didn’t have room for his meat and veg, thus rendering him malnourished. These puddings are a negative influence on our wonderful country and we are calling on all true patriots to boycott them. Furthermore, we are calling on the Welsh government to do the right thing and to ban them. Our children need protecting.”

Wales First are also calling for the ban on English Cheddar cheese.

“We launched our English cheese campaign last month. We had a highly successful day, visiting our local Kwik Saves and buying them all up so that no one else could buy it. We celebrated afterwards with a lovely curry.

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