Welsh mum discovers what these are REALLY for – and the real reason will leave you SPEECHLESS


A Welsh mother has discovered why the ring pulls on top of tinned food are really there.

Brenda Wondergunt has described her finding as ‘dark magic’.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I was cooking up some beans on toast for my lazy husband last night and it stuck me like a thunderbolt. For years I’ve been using my trusty tin opener but I was feeling so reckless last night that I pulled on the ring pull, not quite knowing what to expect. The next thing I know, my tin of beans are open – and I hadn’t even used a tin opener. I was gobsmacked. I called my lazy husband out to the kitchen to see what had happened but he didn’t want to shift his lazy arse so I had to phone him in the room next door. I called all my friends and family and they couldn’t believe it either. They’d been doing the same as me for the last few years. I then decided to call WalesOnCraic as it’s Wales’s leading news outlet, always with its finger on the pulse of the nation.”

Brenda is now looking to set up evening classes to educate others about opening tins of food.

“I’m going to put it on Twitter to see if it goes viral too. My mind has been blown.”

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