Welsh Mum Colours In Every Wally In Where’s Wally Books To Keep Kids Occupied During Summer Holidays

A North Wales woman has coloured in every Wally in her kids’ Where’s Wally books to keep them entertained until the end of the summer holidays.

Betty Bumflaps from Rhyl, decided to colour in all the Wallies with a felt-tip pen after running out of money to do anything else.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve spent my entire month’s wages on taking them to soft play and they still want more. I’ve run out of ideas. It’s either play Where’s Wally or sit around moaning how long the summer holidays are. My mate bought the kids this Where’s Wally book which I thought would be good to keep them occupied but they found the twat within two minutes. So I’ve made things a bit harder by colouring in every Wally red so that they can’t find him. So far, it’s kept them quiet for three days and I’m hoping it’ll stretch another five weeks.”

Kids Jordan, Josh and Jack said:

“Our mum’s shit. All our mates are heading off to Disneyland and all we can do is sit around and find this lanky twat. We’re having real trouble finding him. If she’s coloured them in, I’m going to do my nut.”

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