Welsh language Scrabble to do away with vowels completely

The new Welsh language Scrabble board game is to do away with vowels completely.

It’s also set to include a record number of letter Ls as the game is relaunched for Christmas.

Scrabble boss Jonny Wordsworth told WalesOnCraic:

“We know jack shit about the Welsh language but after visiting there for a holiday last week, we realised that there are no vowels in the language. We’ve been manufacturing billions of vowels for no reason so we’ve decided to do away with them altogether. It’ll save us a least £50 a year and we can put that money towards our Christmas party. Last year, we couldn’t afford our usual stripogram so that extra £50 will come in handy.”

Welsh Scrabble user Iolo ap Iolo said:

“I do loves playing Scrabble but the letters are shit. I think I might get another game instead. I’ve always liked Buckaroo. A game of daring and dexterity.”

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