Welsh Housewives Spend Bank Holiday Cleaning After ‘Strong Sun Shows Up Dust In Homes’

Housewives across Wales have spent Bank Holiday Monday dusting their houses after the strong sun showed up all the dust in their homes.

Clear skies have meant that Wales has basked in sunlight for the last two days. But it has brought with it its own problems.

Housewife Jenny ThunderGut told WalesOnCraic:

“I woke up this morning feeling great – the sun was out and I had a great day ahead planned. But when I came downstairs, all that went to shit as I noticed all the dust lying around the place. I had no choice but to cancel everything and dust my house.”

Househusband Tony DiPansi said:

“I’ve literally spent the entire day cleaning my house. I’ve cleaned the windows twice because they looked like shit thanks to the sun. If it’s sunny again tomorrow, I’m going out for the day. Bollocks to the house. I give up.”

The forecast for Wales for the next few days is good with plenty of sunshine expected.

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