Welsh housewives complain that the sunshine is showing up their dirty windows and dusty houses

Housewives and lazy men across Wales have been complaining to the government that the newly-returned sun is showing up their dirty windows and the dust in their houses.

Following weeks of grumbly, pissy weather, the bright sunshine is highlighting the state of some people’s houses after Christmas.

Housewife Gillian Thundergunt told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had far too much of this sunshine shit. It’s showing up how dirty my windows are and all the dust in my house. I’ve had to close the curtains when my guests came around so that they wouldn’t think I was a lazy shit. I’m looking forward to night time when I can close my curtains and forget how dusty my house is.”

Unemployed father-of-two, Billy BigBalls said:

“I hate the sun. There I was watching Loose Women when I looked over and saw how dirty my floor was. I’ll get my kids to clean it when they come home as I have to go down the pub to see my mates this afternoon.”

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