Welsh heatwave to continue

The tropical heatwave that’s currently crippling Wales is due to last for another few weeks say experts.

The nation has been wilting under scorching 16°C temperatures, and weather experts say that we can expect at least another few months of it.

Meteorological expert Bernie Cumulus told WalesOnCraic:

“I don’t know how we’ve been surviving all these weeks. Last week, I had to open the window – it was THAT hot! My neighbour even took out his patio chairs from his shed and sat there for a while. We’re not prepared for this kind of weather. People in tropical places like Benidorm and Tenerife are used to this sort of thing. But not us Welshies. I had to turn my heating off last week and looking at my charts, I can’t see an end in sight. I think it’s all down to climate change and all those people in the 80s that used to use spray deodorants. I blame them. They didn’t think of us – the kids – did they?”

More cloud is expected to linger over Wales like a bad fart for the next few days. Schools and hospitals have been put on standby in case temperatures creep up to 17°C.

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