Welsh Government: We prefer building bus lanes to international motor racing circuit and technology parks

A Welsh Government spokeswoman has told WalesOnCraic that they prefer to spend tax-payers money on bus lanes more than anything else.

The confession comes as the proposed Circuit of Wales motor racing venue effectively went tits up.

The anonymous source told WalesOnCraic:

“We don’t want people from all over the world visiting our country, especially people in their loud cars. Mrs Goggins, a friend of ours, lives 5 miles away from the proposed Circuit of Wales and her dogs get awfully nervous if they hear loud noises in the distance. We like to spend your money on more bus lanes to help people who travel to work get their 2 or 3 minutes earlier. We are going to roll out an international bus lane programme across Wales instead of spending any more money on flagship motoring venues. That’s what we are here for. Oh – and for deciding what days your wheelie bins are collected.”

Bus lane fan, Cllr Jimmy Twatt said:

“We appreciate the Welsh Government doing all they can to help us install more and more bus lanes wherever we can in this country. We want Wales to be a world leader in bus lane programmes and for that reason, I’m going to vote to keep the Welsh Government in.”

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