Welsh Fleece Police step up patrols after reported outbreak

Welsh Fleece Police are stepping up their patrols after an outbreak of Fleecy Wolf Jackets was reported in South Wales.

The outbreak was reported around the Barry area and has been blamed on the recent cold weather.

Fleece Police Superintendent Gordon Bobblehat told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re used to seeing these kind of outbreaks at this time of year but with everything else that’s going on, we need to be vigilant against these jackets. We tens of sightings last week and we are keen to clamp down on this blight before it takes hold. We have therefore upped our number of patrols around the area and anyone caught wearing a wolf fleece will be dealt with accordingly. We will also be making announcements on social media. Not sure what about yet. Maybe some pictures of kittens or something.

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