Welsh father releases festive fragrance from his armchair – sprouts and cheese

A father of two has released a new fragrance for Christmas from his own armchair – sprouts and cheese.

Des Wetcleft from Hengoed released his fragrance during tonight’s performance of Surprise, Surprise. His wife told WalesOnCraic:

“I wouldn’t have minded but I had just sat down with my egg and chips. He didn’t warn me – just lifted a cheek and floated an air biscuit. It took a good few seconds to get to my nose but as soon as it hit my face, I knew what he’d done. First he tried to blame the dog but then he remembered that the dog had died three months ago. He then had to come clean and admit that it was him so then he tried to make me laugh by saying that he’d just launched a new festive fragrance. I told him that he was a smelly twat, threw my tea over him and then went out down the pub.”

Des blamed his excitement on seeing Holly Willobooby on telly.

“She could come round to tea any day she wants. I probably wouldn’t fart if she was there as I’d like to think she’d want me to take her to bed.”

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